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Call for Applications

European identity grows with exchange. Such an exchange needs to take into account the deep motivation and cultural contexts of the participants. This includes one’s personal faith and religious identity within his or her Church. Because of the various European crises, young adults want and should ask themselves how they imagine Europe and how they can shape it. What can the Christian faith contribute to that? We would like to bring various religious identities into dialogue in order to rethink the European “unity in diversity” and to strengthen the European idea.

With this project, we are creating an exchange platform where believers can meet and where young Catholics can make their voices heard. Would you like to join in?

We would like to model a European process with you consisting of the following steps:

  1. January to March 2020: Sharing in binational tandems on religious and controversial questions
  2. March, 21-25: Joint workshop in Brussels    
  3. Summer 2020: Option to visit one another
  4. End of 2020: Editing the final online publication

This process is made transparent and public through a blog, which we write consecutively and which forms the basis for our final publication.

We will – among others – discuss the following questions:

  • How are my religious reality and my European identity related?
  • How has the relationship between the Church and the state developed historically in my country?
  • Which role does the Church play for a European society?
  • How does my image as a Catholic believer influence my positions in current socio-political debates?
  • Which motivations and visions help us to achieve a better European reconciliation?

We invite young Europeans to apply for taking part in this exciting project. Please apply as soon as possible if you are …

  • interested in Europe and an exchange about issues of faith,
  • between 18 and 30 years of age and member of the Catholic Church,
  • fluent in spoken and written English,    
  • able to commit yourself to a participation in all the phases of the project.

Participation fee: 120 Euros (on request reduced fee for Central and Eastern Europeans: 60 Euros). Travel expenses can be reimbursed up to 100 Euros maximum.

Deadline for applications: 30. November 2019

Please send the Application Form and a motivation letter to cusanusgoeseurope [at]!

Terms and Conditions

1. General Remarks

Before applying for “Catholic Minds for Europe: Cusanus goes Europe” (CGE) please ensure that you will indeed be able to actively participate in all the phases of the project.

Some activities might interfere with university or working schedules. If you need, for example, an official confirmation for applying for leave from school, university or work, please contact the Team to issue a request to the principal of your school or university. Please make sure, you are covered by your health insurance during the workshop in Brussels and on possible further trips – e.g by the European Health Insurance Card.

2. Costs

A) The participant fee is 120 Euros (reduction of 60 Euros on request for participants from Central-Eastern Europe). The payment has to be made by bank transfer within one week after confirmation from the team that you will participate in the programme (around mid-december 2019). The back account details will be communicated in the eventual acception email. If we do not receive your payment before this deadline, you might forfeit your participation.

B) Journey to and from Brussels

The participants have to organise and pay for their journey to and from Brussels on their own, but transports costs can be refunded up to 100 Euros. For refunding, the original tickets or booking documents are obligatorily. Dispenses can only be refunded if the original ticket including the payment proof is submitted. You are kindly asked to choose eco-friendly options; for flights you need an emission certificate from “atmosfair” or a similar organization offering offsets for greenhouse gases .

C) Costs in Brussels

Accommodation and half board, local transport and entrance fees during the official programme are covered by your participation fee. Additional and personal expenses will be paid by the participants.

3. Legal Right to Participation

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to invite all applicants. There is no legal right to participation.

4. Cancellation

Even after an invitation has been issued, the CGE project may have to be cancelled due to illness or a force majeure. Participant fees will be fully reimbursed but neither the travel expenses nor any further expenses – please take therefore care of a travel inscurance.

5. Withdrawal from Participation

After having received an invitation to CGE, the applicant can reject to participate until January, 20 without additional costs.  In case the withdrawal is announced at a later stage, the organisers will try to find a replacement. If no replacement can be found, the organisers reserve themselves the right to retain the participant fees. This does not refer to cases of illness confirmed by a physician certificate.

Our project is financially supported by the “Ideenpreis 2019” of the Bischöfliche Studienförderung Cusanuswerk and the “Small Change for Europe” programme of the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. Among other participants of different European countries, 12 current and former scholarship holders of the Cusanuswerk will participate in the project.

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